Kuthila Layakpur, Post Sarvoday Ashram Distric Etah.

Chairman Message

It is paradoxical to know at one end we are aspiring for better global , economic and social order and at the other there is total value deterioration because of our excessive engrossment with materialistic achievements.

There is a need for replacement of the present system of education by a more contructive and human system. It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. An educational institution with emphasis on man making is a light house for children. Our future citizens to see the right path for making the world happy , Harmonious and peaceful.

I remember the famous poet T.S. Eliot’s saying, Where is the wisdom that we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge , we have lost in information?

Today the emphasis is on intellect the power of human brain used for information are at the maximum for the exploration of knowledge. But this remains much short of ‘wisdom’. What is the use of knowledge whit out wisdom? Swami vivekananda said , “Education should be man making , life building and character making ”

Teacher has a big role to pay to develop in child , fullness of his personality. Good educational institutions with teachers dedicated to this curse are the right and safe agency to work on it.